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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Adhoc promotion of Accounts Clerks as JAAs against Direct

Dated 6th February 2006
Shri. R. ASHOK,

Respected Sir,

Sub : Adhoc promotion of Accounts Clerks as JAAs against Direct
Recruitment Quota.


This Association has been persistently demanding for promotion by long stagnated Accounts clerks to the grade of JAA against the DR quota vacancies.

Your kind self may be aware that in the past 15 years Direct Recruitment to the post of JAA has not been made at all purportedly in conformity with the Government’s ban on recruitment to fill up even the vacancies arising out of retirement. Unfortunately there has been no symptom for a change in the stance of Government. This has the following unpleasant consequences.

1. The ever increasing work quantum has to be managed by the depleted work force.

2. The narrow slit of 20% of the Accounts Clerks have to pass through to reach the grade of JAA has been blocked as the Section Officers, Accounts Assistants and others down the line could not move up as there has been all round stagnation.

3. Due to this, virtually there is little difference in the quantity and quality of work discharged by AAs, JAAs and Accounts Clerks. Accounts Clerks who are denied promotion are being forced to do the same work being done by the AAs. Incidentally it is pointed out that the improved pay scales granted to other Accounts Cadres was not extended to the Accounts Clerks cadre. This does not help Indian Railways to be tagged as a model employer.

This is precisely why AIRASA has been firmly highlighting the need atleast for making one time exemption for promoting the Accounts Clerks against Direct Recruitment vacancies.

If this is not feasible please arrange to issue instructions to Zonal Railways to promote the Accounts Clerks at least on adhoc basis till the Direct Recruitment to JAA cadre is made.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,


Maintenance of parity in pay scale of Senior Acountants

Dated 6th February 2006
The Secretary,
Department of Expenditure,
Ministry of Finance,
North Block,
New Delhi-110001.

Subject: Maintenance of parity in pay scale of Senior Acountants/
Sr.Auditors / Accounts Assistants (Rlys) with Assistants
of Central Secretariat Service along with vertical

Respected Sir,

I am to invite your kind attention to the above subject and state that it is known from reliable sources that the Central Government is actively considering to upgrade the Pay Scale of Assistants of CSS from Rs. 5500-9000 to Rs. 6500-10000. Till date, the pay scales of the Assistants of CSS and that of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants(Rlys) are identical. Their recruitment qualification and nature of duties and responsibilities are also identical. The IV CPC had recommended same pay scale for both the cadres. However, the Government of India through a unilateral decision upgraded the pay scale of Assistants of CSS in 1990 denying the same benefit to the Senior Auditors/ Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants(Rlys). This had created discrimination and Accounts Employees Organisations had to fight against that discrimination. Ultimately the Government had to restore the parity in pay scale for Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants(Rlys) by an order dated 28.02.2003.

The Accounts Employees are getting restive over the news of this new development. They expect that the Expenditure Secretary would protect the rights of the employees of Accounts and Audit Department by taking up the matter with the Government before any final decision in this matter is taken. The 1990 should not be allowed to repeat. The decision of upgrading the pay scale of Assistants of CSS has to be extended simultaneously to the employees of all organized Accounts of Central ministries and CAG.

Therefore, I would request you to kindly take up this matter with the Government of India and ensure that Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants are also granted upgraded pay scale of Rs.6500-10,500 which is likely to be granted to the Assistants of the CSS by maintaining vertical relativity as follows.


CSS Organised Accounts/ CAG Existing Proposed
Assistants Accounts Assistants(Rly) 5500-9000 6500-10500
Sr.Accountants/Sr.Auditors S.Os S.Os.(A) 6500-10500 7500-12000

Special grade S.Os
(after completion -- 8000-13500 8000-13500 f 4 years as S.O) (non functional) (non functional)

-- Sr.S.Os (A / Rlys) / A.A.Os 7450-11500 8000-13500
/Asstt.Audit Officers (non functional)

-- 20% A.A.Os (Rlys)/ A.Os / 7500-12000 8000-13500
Audit Officers (functional) (functional)

-- 80% A.Os.(Rlys)/ S.A.Os 8000-13500 8000-13500 / Sr.Audit Officers (functional) (functional)

(Functional Grade Officers of Scale 8000-13500 will get promotion in next higher Grade on Seniority basis, where as Non-functional officers of scale 8000-13500 will remain in the same scale until and unless they get the promotion in the functional grade of 8000-13500 through Seniority basis or examination system for further enrollment in the next higher grade i,e 10000-15000.)

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary, AIRASA

Avenue of Promotion to Appendix IIIA candidates - TIA

Dated 6th February 2006

Respected Sir,

Sub :- Avenue of Promotion to Appendix IIIA candidates - TIA


Your kind self may be aware that App. IIIA passed staff have an agonizing wait for several years together for promotion opportunities. There are sad instances where some staff after patiently looking for their turn for over a decade have gone out of service on superannuation. It is not a loss to the individuals alone. The administration also loses by not utilizing the better Qualified Human Resources.
In this regard, this Association has some suggestions. After the large scale computerization of Railways commercial activities at stations, Traffic Accounts tend to become decentralized. PRS centers have concurrent Audit mechanism that is being handled by Accounts clerical staff with no supervisory expertise. If TIA’s work force is augmented, the twin objective of Focussed Auditing under qualified guidance to ensure dynamic policy direction are put to practice diligently, and channelising the stagnated pool of talents into the promotional path are achieved.

The Zonal Railways are faced with the problem of leakage of revenue mainly due to dispatch of Wagons / Parcels to wrong destinations which result in poor management and detention of Rolling Stock. We can overcome this problem by posting adequate number of TIAs to NR CELL of each Division and Headquarters to trace such wrongly dispatched wagons. This would improve our earnings ratio and also gain the goodwill of the public.

Further, it is also suggested that a special cell may please be formed at each Division and Headquarters, so as to, enable to cover the inspection aspects those which are not normally comes into the purview of the regular TIA inspection at Stations, Parcel Office and goods shed/follow up action of TIA’s inspection report.

If promotions are given to the wait listed TIA candidates the financial position would be trivial given the fact that nearly all of them have crossed the beginning of the higher scale and the enhancement would be one increment by way of fixation benefit.

Therefore we request your goodself to issue orders for increased strength of TIA cadre in each Zonal Railway to facilitate the aforesaid suggestion taking practical shape.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Copy to : Shri. R. Ashok, Adviser, Finance, Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi.

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